Promotion Meeting

Before planting each crop in different seasons, we teaches the farmers the pesticides knowledge in the farmer conferences, to control over the weeds, pests, and diseases will be faced.

And if we have research some new pesticide formulations, we will introduce it to the farmers to cope with the pesticide resistance to weeds and pests.

Organize regular farmer conferences to preach pesticides knowledge;

Organize small promotion meeting of pesticide products to local farmers with the distributors.

Pesticides Test Labs

We often communicate with local farmers and listen to their needs. We work by looking at agriculture through the eyes of growers, and by applying science to develop crop protection products.

At our farm test labs, we translate these insights into research that will help farmers to produce more and better crops more efficiently. Our research help farmers to overcome multiple challenges – from weeds, insects and disease, to the effects of heat and cold on crops. We make field efficacy experiment to different crops, so as to supply the most safe and effective pesticides and technology to help the local farmers to increase crops yield. We are always looking for new solutions that support farmers to protect their land and to meet all their challenges.

Instruct Farmers to Use Pesticides

In different areas, according to the different growing seasons of crops, we guide the farmers to use appropriate products to control over the current emergence of weeds, pests and diseases. To choose different pesticides, to use appropriate dosage, to adopt a scientific approach, let the farmer use the pesticides correctly and free them from worries at home.

The technician also need to revisit the farmer regularly to make sure the crops are on the healthy growth process until harvested. We constantly collect data and set up our own data center to provide more help and support to the customers and farmers.

Systemic Custom Crop Protection Products Package

With our digital services, we help farmers to manage and interpret a wide range of farm and field related information more efficiently, for better crop management decisions.

Our crop protection products reduce risks and control over pests, weeds and diseases.

The comprehensive, balanced and diverse crop protection products and service solutions effectively contribute to improving for farmers’ work and crops’ growth.

The progress of crops growth from seeds – sprout – stem& leaves – bloom – results – harvest to storage, we will take care of all the risks and diseases of each step, and provide a systemic products package to protect the crops in healthy situation. The package contains fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators and stimulators, fertilizers etc, this will be suitable for the specific crops in different area.

The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources. To rise to this challenge, farmers need new technologies and solutions.

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