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In 2015, the estimated value of the crop protection market in Africa exceeded usd1.7 billion, accounting for approximately 3.5% of the global market value. Over the next 15 years, the crop protection market value in Africa is projected to increase at an annual growth rate of 6% to 8.5%. By 2030, it could reach usd7.5 billion. The main markets include South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Algeria, and Ivory Coast. These countries and regions account for approximately 68% of the market value in the entire African region. Pesticides are mainly used for cotton, cereals, fruits, vegetables, maize, cocoa, and rice.


The pesticide market in Africa is growing rapidly, and there are signs that the global market is gradually saturating. As a continent, Africa demonstrates a continuous demand for food and technology. For pesticide companies, Africa represents a tremendous potential for exploration.


KENVOS is a pesticide formulation manufacturer and supplier from China, aiming to share affordable and high-quality agricultural products and farming experiences from China with people worldwide. For us, Africa is also a significant growth point for our business.


In 2019, In order to develop new markets,  Kenvos set up a branch office in Tanzania and our technical team were stationed in Tanzania for product technical promotion. We found that the weak industrial foundation hindered the large-scale production of agricultural supplies such as pesticides and fertilizers. The lack of pesticide products was a significant reason for pest infestation and poor crop growth, leading to low crop yields and potential triggers for food crises. Through in-depth strategic cooperation with local distributors, we conducted research on local crops and major pests, recommended and introduced many highly effective products to our customers. We also visited the fields several times to give lectures to farmers on product usage and crop protection, addressing common issues encountered in crop growth. Currently, KENVOS' cost-effective pesticides and fertilizers have gradually entered local farms and received unanimous praise from farmers.


To provide more localized customized products that meet the practical needs of local farmers, KENVOS has established its own team in Tanzania. While promoting Chinese cultivation techniques, we focus on researching and developing products that meet specific local requirements. KENVOS attaches great importance to the feedback from farmers after using our products and continuously strives to improve and enhance quality based on their suggestions.

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