Innovation is more than simply having a good idea. Innovation is about turning new idea and concepts into something that will create value. Value can be commercial, social and organizational.

KENVOS is dedicated to create sustainable solutions. Our goal is to design products that help the agro-chemical industry to comply with current and future legislation while maintaining a high level of performance. In close partnership with our customers we identify products that help achieve specific sustainability goals, strengthen differentiation and enable regulatory compliance.
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Corporate culture is the general name of common ideals, basic values, styles, habits and behavior norms formed in the long-term practice of enterprises. It has charisma and cohesion for enterprise members, can unify the interests, goals, needs and resulting behaviors of many people, and is a reflection of the long-term cultural construction of enterprises.
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Environmental Protection
KENVOS has a strong sense of social responsibility to "maximize the benefits to farmers, maximize the safety of agricultural products and environmental protection, and maximize the healthy development of the world's pesticide industry".
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Safer materials
Materials selection is one of the most difficult sustainability goals to track and integrate into the design and delivery process.
How do we ensure every material we bring to market is safer for people and planet?
Opting for healthier materials shouldn’t be a lofty goal for the
well-resourced few. KENVOS encourage the selection and availability of materials that are better for our human and environmental.
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Circular Economy
What is a circular economy?
A circular economy refers to a system where resources are redeployed or reused, and waste flows are turned into inputs for further production. This movement has been driven by rapid urbanization, climate change, technological advancements and an increasing demand for
constrained natural resources.
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Charity Activities
Our people bring our purpose to life. As part of a global, world-leading organization, they help to protect what matters. Together, they push boundaries. Drive forward new ideas. Make choices that give customers, businesses and societies the confidence to thrive. It’s a responsibility that everyone in our global family shares. And by being bold enough to take the lead, they have the opportunity to drive human progress across the world.
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