Caring for African children, spreading hope with love

On June 13, 1991, UNICEF declared June 16 as the International Day of the African Child, calling attention to the nearly 300 million children on the African continent who are suffering from hunger, war, poverty and disease.

On the occasion of the International Day of the African Child, Kenvos went to a local elementary school in Africa with our local clients to deliver humanitarian aid to them.

There, the teaching facilities are very simple, no desks, no blackboard, the only few classrooms are also in disrepair, the children usually have to sit on the floor to listen to the lecture. There is a lack of textbooks, paper and pencils, school bags and other stationery.

In order to relieve the teaching pressure of the school, Keverson together with local customers in Africa presented them with school supplies and recreational equipment, and encouraged them to have firm confidence and work hard to learn the culture.

Afterwards, our staff also made a sumptuous lunch for the children, which the children were expect, and the warmth from a foreign country also wanted to fill the children with joy.

For kenvos, we hope to help more people who was in trouble. We never stop our step!

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