The Third Generation Neonicotinoid Pesticides—"Dinotefuran"

As resistance to nicotine insecticides such as imidacloprid and thiamethoxam increases, Dinotefuran is becoming more and more popular with distributors and farmers worldwide. Dinotefuran is the third generation neonicotinoid pesticides. The mechanism of nicotine insecticide is to act on the insect's Nervous System, causing abnormal excitation, then becoming paralysis and death, as well as touch and stomach poisoning. Compared to the traditional Nicotine pesticides, Dinotefuran does not contain Halogen elements and is more water soluble, which means it is more easily absorbed; it is only 1/4.6 of the oral Toxicity to bees of thiamethoxam and half the contact toxicity of thiamethoxam.

KENVOS GROUP is dedicated to the research of Dinotefuran formulations,Includes SG, SC, WDG, GR. 

After a long period of research, development and testing, the following formulations are now commonly produced:

Dinotefuran + Pymetrozine

Pymetrozine has a very good inner-absorption effect, and the rapid effect of Dinotefuran is an obvious advantage of this product, the two action mechanisms are different. Combined use results in a significant increase in insecticide efficiency and effectiveness time

Dinotefuran + spirotetramat

This is a special formula for three small insects, aphids, thrips and whiteflies, and the results have been very satisfactory in recent years, judging from the promotion of the use and feedback from users around the world.

Dinotefuran + Pyriproxyfen

Pyriproxyfen is a highly effective ovicide, while Dinotefuran is only effective against adults, so the combination of the two kills both eggs and insects, making this formula an absolute golden pair.

Dinotefuran+Pyrethroid Insecticide

This formula can greatly improve the insecticidal effect. Permethrin itself is a broad-spectrum insecticide, and the combination of the two can reduce the rate of resistance, and can also treat flea beetle, which is a formula widely promoted by manufacturers in recent years.

Advantages of Dinotefuran

1. Dinotefuran has a wider range of insecticidal spectrum and use, from pesticides to sanitary drugs, regardless of the size of pests, have a good control effect.

2. Good mixability, Dinotefuran can be mixed with a variety of insecticides and fungicides, easy to use; the dosage form is rich, can be made into granules fertilizer, seed coating (seed dressing), suspension spray.

3. Rice control of stem borers and Planthopper, with a single drug that is cost-effective,  will be a huge market opportunity for future growth of Dinotefuran.

4. Dinotefuran is easily soluble in water, which makes it more suitable for the large-scale use of air control, and the popularity of air control will provide a rare market opportunity for the future development of Dinotefuran.

5. The right-hand enantiomer of Dinotefuran mainly provides insecticidal activity, while the left-hand enantiomer is highly toxic to Italian bees. It is believed that with the breakthrough in purification technology, the more environmentally friendly Dinotefuran will break through the bottleneck of its own development.

6. Focusing on niche crops, with Bradysia odoriphagas and Garlic maggots becoming more resistant to common agents, Dinotefuran is performing well against maggot pests and applications in niche crops will provide new markets and directions for the development of Dinotefuran.

Price trends

The biggest resistance to the growth of dinotefuran has been the high price of the original drug, and the application cost of the terminal preparation is relatively high. However, at present, China's annual actual production of Dinotefuran is about 600 tons, which has been a relatively obvious increase compared with before, and this also means that the price has fallen. With the improvement of cost performance, the current price of the original drug has been at a relatively low historical level. With the decline of the price, the Price/performance ratio of dinotefuran will become more prominent. We believe that the improvement of Price/performance ratio provides more possibilities for the future growth of dinotefuran.

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