Field test of seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer contains a variety of active ingredients and active substances that can improve the physical and chemical composition of the soil and react with metal ions in the soil to form a high molecular weight complex, improving the soil bulk structure, thus helping to maintain soil moisture and forming a good soil aeration environment. 

Seaweed fertilizer also promotes the growth of soil micro-organisms and the enrichment of inter-root beneficial micro-organisms will promote the growth of plants.

Seaweed fertilizer also increases the biological activity of the soil by stimulating the growth of inter-root micro-organisms, and treats salinity and desert Gobi.

The root system is one of the most important organs of the plant and is responsible for the absorption and utilisation of nutrients, water and other substances. Seaweed fertilizer not only supplies the crop with basic nutrients such as polysaccharides and amino acids, but also with a large number of micronutrients and vitamins, which are essential for growth, and promotes the growth of the root system, thus enhancing the absorption and utilisation of nutrients, water and gases. In addition, seaweed fertilizer stimulates the vascular cells of plant stalks, accelerates the transportation of water, nutrients and photosynthetic products in the plant, and promotes plant cell division and delays cell ageing, effectively increasing the photosynthetic efficiency of the crop, improving yield and quality, extending the storage and freshness period, and enhancing the resistance of the crop to drought, cold, flooding and diseases and insects.

Promotes the growth of the root system

We have proved through extensive trials that the application of seaweed fertilizer to a range of crops such as maize, fruit and vegetables has produced significant effects on early maturation, increased yield and improved quality of crops, freshness preservation of fruit and enhanced resistance to pests and diseases, increasing yields by 10% to 30%.

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