KENVOS K-Brassi 4 SL- Novel plant growth regulator 

K-Brassi 4 SL is a combination of Brassinolide 0.02g/L + Gibberellins 3.98g/L with leaf surface penetration and nutrient enhancement activator. It offers various functions, such as nutrition enhancement, stress resistance, antibacterial, and yield increase.

1. Improve crop immunity

Not susceptible to pests and diseases

2. Increase crop resistance and Harm Repair

Repairing damaged tissues and activating cells to alleviate the inhibitory effects of improper pesticide use.

3. Improving Quality and Increasing Yield

Regulating crop nutrient supply structure and significantly increasing grain weight per thousand.

4. Stimulate crop potential

Guiding genes to express fully, promoting stem maturation, flowering and fruit setting, and increasing protein content.

Application ans Demo


Application Period: Tasseling Stage

Effects after Application: Prevents corn lodging, barren stalks, tip blight, leaf drying, and nutrient deficiency, promotes corn fruiting, reduces small flower degradation in the ear, accelerates filling, and delays senescence.

 -Stem maturation, anti-premature aging-

 - Full grain, high yield -


Application Period: Jointing to Booting Stage

Effects after Application: Increases the number of effective tillers and 1000-grain weight of rice, improves grain maturity and fullness, promotes stem maturation, and allows early harvesting.

- Early heading, good grain filling -

- Full grain, high quality -


Application Period: Seedling, Flowering, and Podding Stage

Effects after Application: Enhances leaf greenness and thickness, improves resistance to diseases and stresses, prevents leaf yellowing, leaf drop, flower drop, pod drop, and slow growth in soybeans. Promotes pod plumpness, tenderness, straightness, and length, increases protein and chlorophyll content.


- Thick leaves, more pods, higher yield -

The combination of Brassinolide and Gibberellic acid not only promotes plant cell division and elongation but also enhances root growth, photosynthesis, chlorophyll content, and crop nutrient absorption. It also accelerates plant maturity and improves quality, significantly increasing crop yield and quality.

It is particularly effective against symptoms caused by physiological nutrient deficiencies, such as seedling death, weak seedlings, small leaves, yellowing leaves, curling leaves, flower leaves, stunted growth, poor development, flower and fruit drop, and flower without fruit. The effect of the combination of these two components can surpass the effect of using each component separately.

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